Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday a Day Late

180 pounds....

Ok, eat like a pig and you will pay for it on the scale. Yup, that is what happens.

I did get a 30 minute ride in on the CompuTrainer and here's the CyclingPeaks of it.

I pushed hard for the 30 minutes. Good recovery after riding an hour yesterday. Monday I start my Fat Loss Week so things will be somewhat different.

I did get the girls bike's out yesterday. Sami and I even went for about a 30 minute ride on the tandem. She seems to like it. I might have a new stoker in the making here. Mary got out on her's some. She has grown some and I will need to do some seat adjustments. Hopefully this will be the year to get the training wheels off. Might need to buy her a Bookoo Mountain Bike to help your learn her bicycle balance.

Baby Busch wins Bristol. He isn't my most favorite driver and his comments in Victory Lane were not that stellar, but he did have a good car all day. JP Montoya got taught a lesson. That place must have been a mind blower to him after all he has seen over the years.

Battlestar Galactica finished up and won't be back until 2008! What a crock.

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