Monday, March 26, 2007

Fat Loss Week Day 1

180 pounds....

At least I'm hanging out around the same weight. This week is the Fat Loss Week which is somewhat similar to a low carb week. I have done this type of thing a few times in the past with good results.

I did a couple CompuTrainer rides this morning and this is what the first one looks like in CyclingPeaks.

And this is the second one.

This first one is the profile from the 2006 WORS Iola Bump & Jump race. I purchased some software from RaceMate to convert GCX files into CompuTrainer Courses. Kinda neat stuff. But this course is a bitch on a road bike because of all the elevation changes. Once the moutain bike is back together, I'll have to try this course again with that one.

The second course is just one that comes with the trainer and was a climb or two in the beginning. Since it is a Fat Loss Week, I didn't want to push too hard today, but still I did give it a good effort.

Off to work today, I'm not sure what kind of a hornet's nest I'll be walking into but that is the way that it goes.

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