Monday, May 28, 2007

12 Hours of GEARS

182 pounds....

I ate well the past day and a half and my weight shows it.

I finished the 12 hour race in about 9.5 hours while being on the bike about 6.5 hours. 62+ miles in those hours and a 10th place finish. Sore/blistering hands and tight shoulders/neck didn't help me out any. The first 4 hours went pretty much like clock work. I had a runny nose from hell though and stopped a few times to blow it. Was also off on my guess of Endurolytes. I started with only 3 per hour and at the 2 hour mark my legs started cramping so I moved up to 7 per hour and was fine from there on. The Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements worked like a champ. I'm very happy with the results in that department.

Barb did race the 6 hour event to get some ride time in before the WORS Wausau race. She did about 2.5 hours and about 15+ miles. A good milestone for her. She was out there before the 3 hour race started and did well during that time. But once the 3 hour guys got going, she pulled the plug because she was not ready for all the people on the course. Hopefully she will still want to race next Sunday. Only time will tell.

We did see some others while we were there. Bubba, his wife and kids were there. Also Russell and the newlyweds, Coop and Ann were there too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Race Week Day 3

181 pounds....

Weight wise things are hanging pretty well. I guess all the custard from this past weekend didn't hurt me too bad. Good thing or I would be hating myself now.

This week has been ok so far. The shoulder and arm are bothering me some, but not quite a show stopper yet.

Things are all a go for this weekend's 12 hour race. I have been doing Graeme Street's In Season Training Plan Race Week 1. It is a nice taper down to the race on Saturday. I guess I'm still out of shape since some of the taper stuff still kicks me pretty hard. I started doing the Hammer Nutrition Race Day Boost and Liquid Endurance loads. So now we will see if they really do work in race conditions. They did work well for the 4 hour spin class earlier in the year, but now will be the big test. Not to mention the big test for the rest of the Hammer products that I will be taking with me.

The road bike is at the shop getting it dearly needed maintenance. Alan is replacing the ring gears since he said they looked pretty bad. Needless to say they are the originals and have over 2 summers and 1 hard winter training on them. So they were probably due to be replaced. I get the bike back tomorrow. Barb and I also supposed to get the tandem fitted for us tomorrow afternoon. That is going to be interesting.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

It Lives

180 pounds....

Yes, I'm still alive. I have been riding my bike the past week and things are getting better with the pinched nerve and stuff.

Barb and I went out to the New Fane Trail today and spent some time on the course for next weekend's WEMS race. It is kinda cool to be able to ride a trail that kicked my ass last year to find that I can bite back this year. I will be attempting to ride for 12 hours. It's going to be interesting.

I tried out my new Michelin All Terrain tires today and they rode well out there. So I will be using them next weekend if it doesn't rain. If it rains, the Michelin Mud tires will come out.

Otherwise this past week I was able to get in a few multi hour rides, which has been a big improvement over the past few weeks.

This coming week I will get back to Graeme Street's In Season Training program in preparation for next weekend's race.

And yes, I did preride the Treadfest course at this weekend's WORS race with John. Had a blast there. Saw some people there that I haven't seen since the WORS banquet last year. The course was hilly and had a ton of off camber stuff. Should have raced it, but I wanted to get Barb out on the trail some so that her skills will improve and so that she is in a good frame of mind for the first WORS marathon race.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Getting There Slowly

177 pounds....

Off the fast and back to normal eating in time for the weekend up north.

Did the massage and chiropractor visits today. Seems to have helped some. I'm still not 100% though. I did get out and ride the mountain bike for about 90 minutes though. Some blacktop, some shoulder, and some pea gravel trail. Things nag slightly, but it still felt great to be out and riding.

Off to go get food and then clean everything up so that the bikes can come up north too. Will be trying to get some riding in on Saturday before the wedding we have to go to.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fix the Body Fast Day 4

175 pounds....

I'm getting there but I still hurt. After work yesterday and some computer work at home, my arm and shoulder were yelling pretty loud. Chiropractor appointment this morning so hopefully that will help some.

Today will be the last day of fasting. The cold is almost gone and I really need to get back to a regular diet for the weekend up north. Too much of a hassle to bring everything there to continue the fast. Easier just to stop now and go from there.

I must be kidding when I say my arm is better since it hurts just typing this up. I hate this way more than any of you realize.

School day today so hopefully the arm will get a break.

Update after chiropractor visit. Something moved down in the area that didn't want to move before. So hopefully that will help this out some. I did come home and ride on the CompuTrainer for about 40 minutes. Just something nice and easy and to work up a little sweat. Things seem a little better. I will do my stretching next and see what the rest of the day brings.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Fix the Body Fast Day 3

176 pounds....

After feeling like crap for 2 weeks I decided to put the Master Cleanser to a test to see if it would help me get over this. I started fasting this past Saturday. Hard to tell if it is the fast that is making me feel better or if it was just time for my body to turn the corner to better health. Either way, things are feeling somewhat better. The neck, shoulder and arm thing still is not 100%. Which really sucks. If you are wondering what type of pain and injury I have here's an example. Sit in a chair, bend over and grab your toes. Now look up and to the right. At that point my neck and shoulder start screaming and my arm goes numb. I have been doing that type of movement some the past couple of days to help stretch out the areas that need stretching. It appears to be helping since this morning I can do this maneuver will only a small amount of pain.

The first WORS race was this weekend and I didn't make it there. Kinda sucks since I was really hoping to race there again and see if I have improved since last year. Hopefully I have with the weight loss and time on the bike since then.

Otherwise the NASCAR race was just ok. Hendrick Motorsports is cleaning up so far this year. I hate that, but there isn't much I do about it. I find it funny that Mark Martin is still in the top 15 in points even after sitting out 3 races. Nicky Hayden in MotoGP gets punted in turn one and fights a broken bike for the whole race. That has got to suck. Bad season to begin with and then some crashes into you to make it so much better.

Well, today is a work day and I guess I need to try and make it a good one.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


181 pounds....

I'm still working on getting my neck, shoulder and arm back to normal. I have decided to pull the plug on this weekend's race since it is already Wednesday and I'm still not back to normal. Needless to say, I'm slightly bummed about missing the first race of the year. Hopefully I will be able to get out and just ride some this weekend. I attempted to ride this past weekend and it hurt really bad to lift my head and look to the right.