Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Big & Baggy

180 pounds....

I went to the Men's Warehouse about my suit this morning. That was quite a laugh. I haven't tried on my suit in quite a bit. The pants felt like waders and the coat was big all over. If I hadn't brought along my suspenders, my pants would have been around my ankles. The seamstress said that since I'm at least 3 sizes smaller on both things, it is really hard to get a good look without buying new. So needless to say, that's what I'll be doing either tonight or tomorrow.

I also removed my fork and rear shock from my Epic and took them down to the bike shop so that they can be sent in for a rebuild. Hopefully they won't be away too long. I have a feeling that I have waited too long on these. I probably should have done this the beginning of the month. While I was there, I was able to score a set of pre-neo Look pedals for Barb for on the tandem. Nice, since those are hard to find now days.

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