Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Master Cleanser Day 12

178 pounds....

Another pound off. I'll take it, no problem. If I'm able to keep losing weight, I might have a fighting chance at mountain bike racing this summer. It does however, make for a hard sell to Barb for a new carbon fiber bike though.

The normal stuff this morning with the salt water flush and such. Still have things coming out of me. Hard to believe after 11 full days on a liquid diet.

Off to get a massage this morning from Dave and off to school some. Dave is worried that I have lost too much weight too fast and that I am losing muscle mass. I try to tell him that the weight will come back on once I start eating solid foods again. And that the muscle will come back once I start putting hours back into working out instead of slacking during this detox.

Mary is home sick from daycare so Barb is babysitting some and I will man the post while she goes and gets a massage too.

Mid 40's in temps by Sunday. Might have to get the bike out on the road to stretch my legs some before my ear surgery on Tuesday.

I also do seem to sleep better with all those clothes on. I must have been getting cold and therefore restless.

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