Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Master Cleanser Day 11

179 pounds....

Another day and finally another pound. Kinda cool to finally be under 180 pounds. I would have never thought it possibly back during the Holidays. I must thank Graeme Street for Cyclo-FUEL and Brian Frank from Hammer Nutrition for exposing me to the Master Cleanser. Without those things, I wouldn't be here now. Those two individuals and their products have made a big difference in my athletic abilities and my life overall. Thank you both.

Otherwise, normal things this morning. The salt water flush seemed to take longer this morning, but there is still mucus moving so I guess I'm not done with this cleanse yet.

I have been really cold the past few days, to the point where I slept in a long sleeved shirt and sweats last night. Very out of place for me. Is it because the lighter I get, the colder I become?

Off to work and a normal day hopefully.

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