Friday, March 23, 2007

Another Trainer Day

180 pounds....

I'm still there and it is feeling good. Next week will be a Cyclo-FUEL Fat Loss Week so hopefully I will get back below 180.

I got my stitches and packing out yesterday. Woohoo. The itch has gone. That is a good thing. The bad thing is that the Doc has recommended that I don't push it too hard in the exercise area for the next few weeks. So after next week's Fat Loss Week, I will go back to my Off Season Training Plan Week 1 and start over. If nothing else, I could use the base.

I went yesterday and ordered up a new suit. Damn those things are expensive. A suit, that is jacket and pants, hard soled shoes, and a shirt came out to about $500.00. Ouch. I guess it takes money to look good in my case.

So basically at this point, things are slowly getting back to normal. Saturday I will go back to school and start getting back on track there. I would like to get my MCSA one of these months. Hopefully that will work out soon.

I did ride on the CompuTrainer this morning and this is what the CyclingPeaks of my ride looks like.

Better than yesterday. I did the same amount of time, but with more effort. I need to slowly work my way back up on the endurance side.

That's about it for now. Should be an easy day overall.

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