Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Master Cleanser Day 10 (part 2)

I'm back to really wanting to eat some regular food. Seems everywhere I look I see food. It has been tough, but I haven't given in yet.

Using whole lemons in the juicer has provided less than stellar results. The peal really makes for tart juice and a nasty after taste. To the point where it is almost undrinkable. I have started pealing them before juicing them and that seems to help a ton.

I have been noticing that by 10pm I am pretty beat the past few days. Cleansing is finally catching up with me. My eyes are still red and my sore throat has disappeared but the post nasal drip is still there somewhat. But otherwise things were ok today. Did all my errands and such with no problems.

The big bummer from today is that Barb had my car and got rear ended. That is her third accident since she moved down here. Hopefully that means that she will be ok from here on out. All three accidents weren't her fault. But it is still a real inconvenience. The bumper cover on the Neon will have to be replaced and painted. Not sure if there is other damage or not. The body shop will have to determine that.

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