Monday, May 5, 2008

Hammer Riding in Verona

201 pounds....

I think that is how much I weigh, I'm not sure.

Went riding this past weekend on the road bike.

2008.05.03 001

It was the first time that the Roubaix had been outside since last fall. Brian Frank from Hammer Nutrition was spending the weekend in Verona doing seminars and rides out of Exclusive Cycles. I took photos and here are some of them. The rest are here. As you can see, it was raining on the way to the bike shop in Verona.

2008.05.03 005

I jammed to some cool tunes on the way.

2008.05.03 006

There were a few of us at the shop that were going to ride. As we got going, it started to pour, so we stopped for shelter and coffee.

2008.05.03 008

I even got to have my picture taken with Brian. Please note the glisten from being soaked. I still need to figure out why that helmet keeps turning and looking somewhat dorky.

2008.05.03 011

The ride was tough out there. Hilly as can be. We even rode some of the Ironman course. Which everyone that I know of that has ridden it, say it is tough. Brian was having problems with the hills. So I didn't feel so bad when I fell off the back, because Brian was usually with me. It was very cool to be riding with such a legend. And also to be riding with Jeff Mawhinney and Jim Bruskewitz was an honor.

2008.05.03 010

2008.05.03 020

They did drop me a few times, but they were very encouraging all the way. After the ride, we got to check out the Globus Premium Sport. Those things are sweet. I will definitely be getting one of those for Barb and I. Here is a photo of Jim using one. He was in a strength training routine when this shot was taken. Check those quads flexing.

2008.05.03 016

Harvey was with us also. Sorry, I didn't catch his last name. Please note the Colnago cross bike in the background. I want that baby.

2008.05.03 019

There are a few other photos that were taken that I won't throw up here, but you can find them here if you so choose.

All in all, I had a great day riding and chatting with everyone. I learned a lot from Brian on Hammer things. The guy is such a wealth of knowledge. Same with Jim and Jeff. Jeff really knows how to put a shop together. If you get the chance, you need to check it out. Very impressive. He is a master bike fitter also. In chatting with him, I learned a ton.

Otherwise, I started my new job today. Orientation today and tomorrow. This is the job that I have been working at as a 1099 contractor for the past few months. So I now have a full time regular job like the rest of the world. Now it will be harder to find time to train. I guess I need to start riding my bike to work and that will help out a ton.

I will post more photos from Trans Iowa as the week progresses. Sorry for not having that all done by now.


Mike Weiland said...

I'm jealous it sounds like a great time, even in the rain.

Anonymous said...

Fun photos!

Travis said...

Nice, very nice.

I see it's only the CD (24 solo) you're sporting in the pic, but have you seen movie...if so what'd you think?

SquidBuzz said...


Yup, I have the DVD. It is almost worn out by now.

I also have a movie poster that I'm working on getting all the riders and extras to sign. So Jason Berry and Ken Bell sent it to me, signed by them. I got Chris Eatough, Jon Posner, Nat Ross, and Mark Hendershot to sign it last year at the the 24 Hour Nationals. I then sent it to Ernesto Marenchin. I have been in contact with Craig Gordon to send it down to Australa to get him and his mechanic, Hamish to sign it also. Then I will only need the camera guy and the music composer and that should about cover it.

so yeah, I have the DVD and then some.