Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Buzz Achieves the Unbelievable

198 pounds....

Not sure where that came from, but I'll take it.

I ordered one of these a while back. 10' by 10' is not to bad of a size. The first one I ordered, the canopy was crappy. Had holes in it and a corner tore right away while setting it up the first time. I took it back and REI replaced it with no problems. I have had it sitting in the garage for a couple of weeks now so I figured it was about time to set it up, since I want to use it this weekend at the race, and see if it was better than the first one. No problems this time. Everything stayed together like it should. Cool. It was a bitch setting it up by myself though. So I will have to ask a fellow racer to assist me on Saturday morning. Hopefully that won't be a problem.

Then the next issue was, damn, I drive a Neon.

2008.05.11 011

This thing folded all up is 5 feet tall and about 8 inches or more square. hhmmm... How the hell am I gonna fit that in there. I measured across the backseat, a little over 4 feet. Nope, that won't work. Ok, I'll lay the back seats down and bring it in through the trunk. Great idea, but a no go. The seats are up far enough where the angle is off and not to mention there is this small seat support in the way. So I tried bringing it in through the back door with the other end between the front seats. Cha, ching. We are in. Barb comes out at this time and was wondering what I was up to. So I showed her and she laughed when I told her how it got in there. She asked if I was just going to leave it in there the rest of the week. I said, nope. I need to make sure that I can get it out by myself before going to the races. I don't want to look like to much of a heel in the parking lot wrestling this thing out.

An I'm proud to say, no problem on getting it back out. Hopefully this will all work on Saturday morning. I'll need to stake it down also so that it doesn't take flight if the wind picks up.

Otherwise, only a few more days to go before the 12 Hours of GEAR. Woohoo. Should be fun.

I also heard back from Kevin Wilson about finishing up my Wobble Naught fit on my road bike and the tandem. He should be able to come up on June 1st. It will be nice to get all the bikes fitting nice.


Travis said...

Race packing is like a science.

Did a trip down to Miami in Jan for a 12 hour, and the packing/unpacking was like putting together Lego's.

We packed 4 bikes, a couple extra wheelsets, half the parts from the bike shop, riding gear for all four, food, and a skimpy bikini in the Short Bus (FJ)....just glad only two of us drove down. We could not have fit an extra peanut in that thing.

SquidBuzz said...

I hope the bikini wasn't for you.