Monday, May 19, 2008

New Fane Trail Photos

200 pounds....

Still there, nothing different.

This past weekend I got to get out and ride some. I was lucky enough to preride this week's race venue. I took a ton of photos on the last lap around the course for your viewing pleasure.

2008.05.17 004

Some of the photos don't really show all the rocks and hills, but I think you get the idea. The single track is pretty open, but it is still a fun quick course. Laps should be around 25 minutes for the average guy.

I even took the time to take a quick video with the camera.

My wife said that my voice sounded higher than normal on this. Must have been the wind and riding. After doing this, I'm thinking I need a helmet cam or something. I think one of those would be cool.

My eye is better. Today will be the last day for the ointment. Hopefully things will be better here on out. It has only been slightly itchy today.

I'm hoping to get on a bike some this week to keep things loose. Also, I'm hoping to get some Globus time.

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EXPO Racing said...

Thanks for the pics. I probably won't get out there till Saturday morn, so a few refresher images are nice.