Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Pink Eye in the Family

199 pounds....

Kinda nice to be under 200 pounds for a couple of days.

Mary is the next victim in our house.

2008.05.22 006

Her eye started acting up yesterday and she had to stay home today. The Doc gave her eye drops and she is somewhat better today. Barb stayed home with her this morning and I got to hang out with her this afternoon. This was great for me, because that meant I could work in the garage on getting the bike ready for this weekend's race while Mary was outside riding her bike, doing the sidewalk chalk thing and running around my car.

2008.05.22 005

The bike is pretty much nice and clean and ready to roll. What's the old saying, a happy bike is a clean bike, a clean bike is a fast bike, a fast bike is a happy bike. The Hammer kit is in the wash so that I start out smelling nice and clean. Hopefully I'll be as fast as the bike. Tomorrow night I will finish up the packing and off to the races on Saturday.

Overall my eye is getting better.

2008.05.22 001

Hopefully it will be 100% in the next few days.


Travis said...

Clean bike = happy bike = fast bike...maybe that's my problem. I think I'll do a little cleaning today.

Good luck this weekend, can't wait to hear how things went.

I dig the poster in the garage too, very nice

SquidBuzz said...

That's the cycle passion calendar from 2007. After taking this photo I noticed I hadn't brought the 2008 one up from the basement yet. So, I have the current one displayed now.