Saturday, May 17, 2008

Da Eye Update

199 pounds....

hhhmm... Not sure what I did to deserve being under 200 pounds. Maybe dieting and riding the bike help after all.

Here is what my eye looks like now. Please disregard the way the rest of me looks. =)

2008.05.17 091

I have been putting in my eye ointment for over 3 days now and it seems to be helping some. The redness varies, but seems to be better than it was. It doesn't seem to be so itchy as it was. This photo was taken this afternoon after coming back from riding up at New Fane, the site of next week's 12 hour race. The race course has single track on it that is not shown on the map.

I took a bunch of pictures that I will caption and upload tomorrow. The SWorks felt pretty nice out there. It is the first time that I rode it out on the trails. I'm not sure if I have better skills this year or the bike handles that much better, but I felt better in the tight switchbacks. That is usually where I suck big time. Especially to the right. I'm hoping to get back out somewhere tomorrow for some more seat time. I also need to clean the bike up a ton since it is filthy. The other thing is that the front break keeps squeaking. Just when I think I have it all lined up correctly, it seems to go out of whack. It is starting to try my patience.

I used the Globus tonight on resistance mode. This is going to be interesting. It might even put some muscle on me where I usually can never get it. I'll keep you guys posted.


Travis said...

Nice, glad the eye is getting a little we can start working on that hair.

SquidBuzz said...

No kidding. I need a haircut bad.

The chin stuff is almost a year old, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that. The chops are in the same boat. I used to wear a crewcut, but this past winter the wife asked me to grow it out. The only problem is that is shows I'm getting a bald spot. =(

Travis said...

The chin and the chops are rocking....but the hair.Maybe it's my time in the military but DAMN,'s time.