Monday, May 12, 2008

My first commute

202 pounds....

Nothing like a Mother's Day Brunch at Libby Montana's to make you put the weight back on.

Today was my first commuter bike ride. I threw the bike in the van this morning and then rode it home from work.

2008.05.12 002

I started out by seeing this guy. I waved and so did he. I'm not sure if he remembered who I am or not. He should since I'm so famous and all. Saw some wild animals along the way.

2008.05.12 003

Some traffic.

2008.05.12 005

And then my car at home.

2008.05.12 006

As usual, more photos here.


Travis said...

Man with traffic like that I see why you'd want to commute by bike.

SquidBuzz said...

I only took a photo when I was at a stop light and it turned out to be light on the traffic side.

There was a few spots with 1 laned construction, which is dicey. Then after the wild animals, there was some pretty heavy traffic switching from the connector to the street.

Next time, I'll try to get some of those. I was just in a hurry to get home to see how long it would take on a normal day with some medium to hard effort.

Travis said...

No need for the extra pictures, we'd perfer you getting that good no pitstops for extras pictures for us.

SquidBuzz said...

Yeah, good point. Pedaling to keep up with traffic and missing all the HUGE potholes is a pretty good workout.