Monday, May 28, 2007

12 Hours of GEARS

182 pounds....

I ate well the past day and a half and my weight shows it.

I finished the 12 hour race in about 9.5 hours while being on the bike about 6.5 hours. 62+ miles in those hours and a 10th place finish. Sore/blistering hands and tight shoulders/neck didn't help me out any. The first 4 hours went pretty much like clock work. I had a runny nose from hell though and stopped a few times to blow it. Was also off on my guess of Endurolytes. I started with only 3 per hour and at the 2 hour mark my legs started cramping so I moved up to 7 per hour and was fine from there on. The Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements worked like a champ. I'm very happy with the results in that department.

Barb did race the 6 hour event to get some ride time in before the WORS Wausau race. She did about 2.5 hours and about 15+ miles. A good milestone for her. She was out there before the 3 hour race started and did well during that time. But once the 3 hour guys got going, she pulled the plug because she was not ready for all the people on the course. Hopefully she will still want to race next Sunday. Only time will tell.

We did see some others while we were there. Bubba, his wife and kids were there. Also Russell and the newlyweds, Coop and Ann were there too.


gwadzilla said...

have you seen the film 24Solo

the top solo guys are terminators

some sort of cyborgs

they should have a cyborg solo class and human solo class

SquidBuzz said...

Yes, I have the video and have watched it many times. I'm hoping to get to the Nationals up at Nine Mile for the finish after we, Barb and I, get back from RAGBRAI.

I have a signed movie poster from the producer and director that I want to take up there and get some more signatures on it.

Have fun out east.