Friday, June 1, 2007

Getting Ready for WORS Marathon Race #1 - Wausau

183 pounds....

This week has been so, so food wise. Been eating too much ice cream and not staying away from things that I shouldn't eat.

Yesterday was a day that won't be forgotten for some time. The Neon tried to commit suicide. The number 4 spark plug disintegrated, leaving only the metal core in the head. The car had been running rough the past couple of days and yesterday morning it started running really bad. The check engine light was blinking on and off and the car was not running real well. After my massage with Dave, I was just getting on to the freeway and all of a sudden something popped under the hood and smoke came out. The car sounded light a Farmall tractor. I quickly got the car off the road and shut things down. First off it sounded like maybe the timing belt was breaking, but luckily it wasn't that. I opened the hood to the find the spark plug wire popped out of the valve cover and steam rising out where it should have been. Not a good thing. I called AAA and got the car towed to the shop I always go to. They replaced the spark plug and wire and it fired right back up. What a surprise. Since they had the car, they did some other checking on the computer codes and did a tune up. Lucky for me it wasn't major or I'd be in a money pain cave right now.

This week I have been doing the Peak In Season Week and things have been going well so far. The race is on Sunday and think I'm as ready as I ever will be. We will be packing things up tonight and tomorrow morning. We hopefully will be to the course by 1pm Saturday afternoon so that I can do a preride lap. Barb will be doing the Beginners Preride at 3pm so that will help her out a ton.

I finally used my Mr. Clean car wash system last night. But not on my car, but on my bike. It worked really well and the bike came out pretty clean. I should have thought of using soap and water to clean it much sooner. It is much easier than trying to spray it all down with cleaner and then wipe it off. The only down side to water is the rust factor. Not a problem though if you lube things and keep an eye out.

Other things this week. I did hit up a regular Doctor about my neck and pinched nerve. X-Rays were taken and you can easily see the vertebrae that is out of place and the area that is pinching my nerve. His recommendation is to take 1 Aleve, twice a day for about a week. So far that has been helping out quite a bit. The subtle pain in my hand and arm has pretty much vanished. And I visited the Chiropractor yesterday and it seemed he got a better crack out of me which could be related to the Aleve.

Barb did the beginners ride this week at Hoyt Park. It is nice to see her excited about riding. The group there took very good care of her and taught her many things about riding. It seems it is easier for her to learn from someone other than me. That might be because I was never taught how to ride mountain bike, I just got on and went riding. Bubba and Coop took care of her and helped her through her falls and such. Hopefully this will become a weekly thing for her.

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