Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Race Week Day 3

181 pounds....

Weight wise things are hanging pretty well. I guess all the custard from this past weekend didn't hurt me too bad. Good thing or I would be hating myself now.

This week has been ok so far. The shoulder and arm are bothering me some, but not quite a show stopper yet.

Things are all a go for this weekend's 12 hour race. I have been doing Graeme Street's In Season Training Plan Race Week 1. It is a nice taper down to the race on Saturday. I guess I'm still out of shape since some of the taper stuff still kicks me pretty hard. I started doing the Hammer Nutrition Race Day Boost and Liquid Endurance loads. So now we will see if they really do work in race conditions. They did work well for the 4 hour spin class earlier in the year, but now will be the big test. Not to mention the big test for the rest of the Hammer products that I will be taking with me.

The road bike is at the shop getting it dearly needed maintenance. Alan is replacing the ring gears since he said they looked pretty bad. Needless to say they are the originals and have over 2 summers and 1 hard winter training on them. So they were probably due to be replaced. I get the bike back tomorrow. Barb and I also supposed to get the tandem fitted for us tomorrow afternoon. That is going to be interesting.

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