Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fix the Body Fast Day 4

175 pounds....

I'm getting there but I still hurt. After work yesterday and some computer work at home, my arm and shoulder were yelling pretty loud. Chiropractor appointment this morning so hopefully that will help some.

Today will be the last day of fasting. The cold is almost gone and I really need to get back to a regular diet for the weekend up north. Too much of a hassle to bring everything there to continue the fast. Easier just to stop now and go from there.

I must be kidding when I say my arm is better since it hurts just typing this up. I hate this way more than any of you realize.

School day today so hopefully the arm will get a break.

Update after chiropractor visit. Something moved down in the area that didn't want to move before. So hopefully that will help this out some. I did come home and ride on the CompuTrainer for about 40 minutes. Just something nice and easy and to work up a little sweat. Things seem a little better. I will do my stretching next and see what the rest of the day brings.

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slojms said...

Hmm, 2nd fast already.
Following your lead, I completed a 7 day. Really, really got well, bored. The fasting was "easy", plenty of energy. Dropped weight, although that wasn't my primary goal. My wife said I was crabby and she's probably right. Unfortunately, I didn't kick the desire for food although I've been relatively committed to the vegetarian part, just not on cutting out the other crap (chips, dessert, and total volume). Good luck, heal up and get back on the bike and ride