Monday, May 7, 2007

Fix the Body Fast Day 3

176 pounds....

After feeling like crap for 2 weeks I decided to put the Master Cleanser to a test to see if it would help me get over this. I started fasting this past Saturday. Hard to tell if it is the fast that is making me feel better or if it was just time for my body to turn the corner to better health. Either way, things are feeling somewhat better. The neck, shoulder and arm thing still is not 100%. Which really sucks. If you are wondering what type of pain and injury I have here's an example. Sit in a chair, bend over and grab your toes. Now look up and to the right. At that point my neck and shoulder start screaming and my arm goes numb. I have been doing that type of movement some the past couple of days to help stretch out the areas that need stretching. It appears to be helping since this morning I can do this maneuver will only a small amount of pain.

The first WORS race was this weekend and I didn't make it there. Kinda sucks since I was really hoping to race there again and see if I have improved since last year. Hopefully I have with the weight loss and time on the bike since then.

Otherwise the NASCAR race was just ok. Hendrick Motorsports is cleaning up so far this year. I hate that, but there isn't much I do about it. I find it funny that Mark Martin is still in the top 15 in points even after sitting out 3 races. Nicky Hayden in MotoGP gets punted in turn one and fights a broken bike for the whole race. That has got to suck. Bad season to begin with and then some crashes into you to make it so much better.

Well, today is a work day and I guess I need to try and make it a good one.

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