Friday, April 27, 2007

Pain and Suffering

182 pounds....

Haven't been paying attention to my weight because I have an injury going on, not to forget the cold that has decided to visit me also.

I started out this past Sunday with a kink in my neck. I could turn my head to the left ok, but not very far to the right. Monday it was still there and getting worse. Meanwhile, the cold had started kicking in full force. Runny nose and scratchy throat. Tuesday the neck starts pinching a nerve and my right arm starts to ache and be numb. I visit the chiropractor and he is unable to get a good manipulation in the area because the muscles are so tight. All this time, my aches and pains are getting worse. Wednesday is more of the same. The pain and numbness gets bad enough that I am having a really hard time working on a computer. I visit the chiropractor again while little success. Thursday morning is massage morning. Dave really works the hell out of my neck and shoulders and things loosen up some. I then go visit the chiropractor again and things crack more than before but I'm still not out of the woods. Again, as the day goes on, things get worse. I move from inflammation pills to muscle relaxers and throw in pain killers to help out. I usually have a pretty high pain tolerance, but this is more than I can stand. Friday morning and it is just as bad if not worse at this point. I'm typing in bursts in between the numbness and aches. More pills will be taken today to help cope. I hate this.....

Looking on the bright side, yesterday did have its good moments. Barb got a new Specialized Womans Epic Comp bike. We traded in her Stumpjumper and my Sequoia and paid the difference. Not to bad. She has a really nice bike now for her campaign in the WORS marathon series and the other point to point races that we have signed up for. Once again Alan at Ben's Cycle worked his magic on the fit. She will have to log some miles on it to see how it feels.

I need to bail and throw some food in me and then some pills to help cope with this. Today is a work day and this could prove to be interesting.

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