Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Build Week 2 Day 1

181 pounds....

I need to get my sweet tooth under control. I have ate more frozen custard in the past few days than the past few months. Once I get going, it's a tough one to stop. Will power is very powerful when you want it to be.

I did get outside on my bike by myself yesterday. It was kinda funny when I first started out because I was all over the place. Very different after riding for 4 months indoors. Not to mention after an ear surgery. My balance probably needs some work. Here's the ride in CyclingPeaks as reported by my PowerTap.

It was very windy, but it felt really great to be outside and riding. I felt snappy, light and strong all rolled into one. The hills didn't even feel to bad. I can't wait to get out on the Mountain Bike later this week after it comes back from the shop.

I was able to pick up a set of Ergon grips for the Mountain Bike. Those things are nice. I ended up getting them at Emery's in the Falls since Ben's kept screwing me around on them. Sometimes I wonder about Ben's. I get great prices there, but sometimes they do things really half assed.

Today was a recovery day so I did some PNF stretching that is on the Cyclo-SPEED DVD. Good stuff. I will be doing these more often.

I have been thinking about doing 12 hour races the first few WEMS events instead of 6 hours. I really want to push myself more and see how my training, riding, supplementation, and fueling work out. I think I can do this.

Work was normal with no issues. Kinda easy in fact. I have kicked the Hardware God's ass and have finally gotten a system together that works. Seems I have 8 or so bad Asus motherboards. What are the odds on that? All of their serial numbers are within 15 of each other. So basically it looks like there must have been a bad run.


Hart said...

squidbuzz have you checked out fitday.com yet? i use it to track what i eat day to day - if you are concerned with your weight it's great. takes some time to type it in but it's nice to see what you are actually consuming.

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