Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Master Cleanser Day 7 (part 2)

I caved in and broke the fast. It is nice to have made it 7 days, but it is even nicer to be back and eating food again. This week will be back to normal with workouts and such then. That will be nice.

Now I will have no problems with going out with John and getting some riding in this next weekend. We are also thinking about doing Levis/Trow Mounds Trails during Labor Day weekend. That would be cool since I haven't been up there before and IMBA has classified it as an Epic.


Solo Goat said...

sologoat here - sorry for the late reply to your post...

email me at and i'll send you my address/info.

looked for your email, but couldn't find it on the site..

gwadzilla said...


my profile is pretty much the exact opposite of yours

crumbs said...

7 days is no small feat.
I lasted 36 hours on a Juice Fast. The caffeine withdraw was torture.