Friday, August 17, 2007

The Master Cleanser Day 5

189 pounds....

Now that's how to take off 10 pounds in 5 days. Whew.... I really could go for a bagel or something for breakfast. But not today. Not for at least 5 more days.

The body is still passing mucus and such. My knee joints ache some and the body is doggie. Hopefully this will go away in the next few days. I'm not as cold as I was during the first one of these. Not sure what's up with that. Maybe it's because that one was during the winter and this one is during the summer. I don't know.

Barb and I have ordered tickets for the Harley 105th birthday bash. I figured what the hell, since it will be here in town we might as well go and see what it's all about. Tickets were cheap at only $65 considering all that you get. You can find out more on the Harley website.

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