Friday, August 31, 2007

Cyclo-MTB Week 2 Day 4

194 pounds....

Some weight came back, but I'm feeling somewhat better. I will need to work on my diet and eating habits to get back down below 190.

I have been working on Cyclo-MTB in preparation for the Cheq 40. Core training and intervals to help me out. My legs hurt, my arms hurt and my core hurts. I guess it's working. Next week will be a Peak week followed by a Race week. The summer has been flying by. After the Cheq 40, I will do a recovery week and then on to the 5 week Cyclo-Speed routine in attempts to get my ass faster on the bike. No matter what, I will be doing better than I am now.

Did you hear that Guitar Ted is going to be rerunning the 100 mile plus gravel ride known as the Guitar Ted Death Ride on October 27th? I think that I might venture down to Iowa for that ride if I'm able to dig up some lights by then. I'll be working hard on that so that I can go do my first century. And what better way to do the first one, but on the dirt.

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