Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday is Tandem Day

188 pounds....

At least I broke that 190 pound barrier again. I will be working on my diet again the rest of this week. The key things are eating good foods and not eating way late into the night.

Yesterday was a good workout day. I did about 3 hours on the tandem solo. I know, you're thinking, yeah, so what. The tandem weighs in at about 42 pounds. The other thing is that it has a new Brooks B17 saddle on it. I rode out in the Holy Hill area so I did some climbing, just what the legs needed. It was also hot and humid, so that I get ready for RAGBRAI. The new saddle didn't kill me too bad, but I can tell that it's new compared to the one that is on my Roubaix. Probably the funnest part of the ride is some of the looks that you get when you are solo on a tandem. People do double takes.

Off to work and riding later with Barb on the tandem. I got her a new iPod Shuffle so that she can listen to music while on the back.

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