Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Quick Recap of Some Things

185 pounds....

My weight has stabilized some. I have been working on getting my diet back under control. Sugar and caffeine are my enemies since once I get them I keep on wanting them.

Let's do some quick talking about the WORS race.

This was Barb's first race so we were all packing things up to get going. In my haste, I forgot the spare wheel set with the mud tires on. This proved to be an issue since the weather wasn't looking well. I figured out my mistake about halfway there. Since it was only Saturday, we turned around and went back for them. This proved to be a very smart idea. It added a ton of time to getting to Nine Mile to preride, but I was thanking myself on Sunday. The bad thing about this was that Barb missed the preride for the Beginners. Which I was really hoping she was going to be able to do so that she felt more at ease with the course and race. She did get a lap in on Saturday and so did I. The course had a lot of fire roads and ski trails. Some single track, but not really too bad. There were some climbs that would be challenging, but overall I found it fun.

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