Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting the Lead Out

184 pounds....

Down some, good eating habits help in that area. I'm also wondering if I was holding a bunch of water after this past weekend and doing the Liquid Endurance load for the HHHs (Horribly Hilly Hundreds).

I did get down to the bike shop on Tuesday and Alan checked out my rim, tubes and tire. He put new rim tape on and replaced the tire and a tube. Overall, once again they were very nice and worked with me on this.

I'm also getting a rear rack ordered up for the tandem. And a Yakima tandem bike rack has been put on hold for me down at the bike shop here in Brookfield.

Yesterday morning I ran 3 miles in under 35 minutes. Which is pretty good for me. I did this before work. Then after work, Barb and I put in about an hour and 30 minutes on the tandem. We are getting better on our starts and stops, but we still have some communication issues. Hopefully we will be able to work through those.

Today I got out and did some bike riding with Dave before my massage. Here is what the ride looks like in Cycling Peaks.

Overall, not a bad ride. My legs were heavy and sore, but that was to be expected. I tried to keep up with Dave as best as I could. He climbs much faster that I. So I have a tendency to be in catch up mode quite often. There were times though, I stayed with him and I think that took him by surprise.

The massage afterwards was well needed. My quads are sore to the touch so I guess they will be getting stronger. What's the old saying, No pain, No gain. If that's the case, I should be gaining a ton.

Well off to finish up the day. This weekend is the NASCAR weekend at the Milwaukee Mile. Tim and Vinnie are heading down for the races so that should be fun and interesting.

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