Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Yup, another year has come and gone. I hit the big 45 today. I don't feel any older though. Kinda odd that I would start becoming an endurance racer at such an age. The guys at the bike shop were quite surprised that I'm as old as I am.


Mike Weiland said...

Happy Birthday! I saw your post on the hammer list and was checking out your site. Looks like we're about in the same weight class, I just went under 200 lbs last week.

SquidBuzz said...


Yeah, I keep fighting the 200 pound mark. My problem is I'm only about 5'8". So I should be much lighter than I am. Last year at this time I was about 185. I just got hungry as the summer went on. Hopefully I can work some weight off after Trans Iowa since I have about 4 weeks before the first WEMS race.