Sunday, March 30, 2008

Must be a problem some where

201 pounds....

Still there, still there. Now that I'm riding outside again, maybe this number will change some more.

For the second straight day, I rode outside. Yup, hard to believe. I did about 2 hours and even rode up Hillzilla. I used to really be afraid of that hill, not any longer. I may not be the fastest up that hill, but I no longer have to stop half way to catch my breath. Did some snowmobile trail riding by Sussex. That was a mistake. Through frozen tundra and thawing tundra. Feet got really wet, but the smart wool socks I had on, worked like a champ.

I have spoken with the Wobble Naught fitter for the midwest, Kevin Wilson, and I think I'll be getting this done to me and my bikes. And if things work out well, Barb will be getting it done also. In talking with Kevin this weekend, he might have a spot open next Saturday for me. I'll keep everyone posted on this.

Hard to believe, but I watched the IndyCar race last night. It was pretty good and I might even watch next week's race.

Did you catch the MotoGP race from Spain? Nicky Hayden did well and placed 4. He pulled himself up in a corner that I thought for sure he was crashing in. His elbow and knee were on the ground while the opposite foot was off the peg. Pretty wild to watch.

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