Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spinning my life away

201 pounds....

The weight loss area has been not there, but at least I haven't gained any. I have been back to hitting spin classes so hopefully that will help overall. 5 classes totaling 7 hours in the past week isn't too bad. And on this past Sunday I was in the basement on the treadmill doing an hour of fast walking. That's supposed to be better for my knees at the moment compared to running.

The weather has finally broke some so the snow is melting and we can even see some grass in some areas. I might be brave enough to go back out and ride some one of these days. I just hate riding in the ice, snow and cold.

We are off to Ben's Cycle this afternoon to get Sami a new bike for her birthday. Instead of presents, everyone gave money to go towards a bike. I'm not exactly sure what we will be getting her this time. Probably another mountain bike.

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