Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm now an S-Works Epic Owner

198 pounds....

This week is a Fat Loss week and it is going good so far. Nasty headache today though. Not sure if it is caffeine or allergy related. Either way, it has been sucky.

I bought a 2007 S-Works Epic this past weekend from this guy. I bought it after watching how he took care of it up at the Cheq 40 race. We happened to be staying with the same people that weekend and met by chance. At that time I asked what he did with his bikes at the end of the year and he said that he usually sold them. I mentioned that I would be interested and he contacted me last month about it. And presto, chango, I'm the owner of a really nice bike.

When I get a chance, I'll post a picture of it. He has done some pretty nice mods to it, seat post, stem, handle bars. Not sure if I'll keep them or not since the seat post is a straight one and I currently use the Thompson swept back one that originally came with the 2007 S-Works. The handle bars and such I'll have to see how they feel before making a judgement. I guess the same will have to be done with the seat post. I need to talk to some guys that do bike fits and see what would be the most comfortable for me. This will be the bike that I attempt Trans Iowa on so I better have a nice fit going or I'm not going to be happy after a few hours.

The first big obvious thing about the bike is that it is way lighter than my current one. I'll do the scale thing later and let you guys know. I wouldn't be surprised if it was 10 pounds.

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