Friday, May 1, 2009

Motocycle Stuff

So you are wondering what else I have been up to? What's the Slimey Crud Run thing you got on the schedule. I, my friend, have been riding the motorcycle. The Buell now has over 3400 miles on it.

2009.05.01 002

I had vacation today because I took today and Monday off for Trans Iowa many months ago. With me not going to Iowa, I decided to keep the days off for some recharge time.

Today Barb and I put down over 200 miles on the Buell 2 up. It was windy as hell as we headed out to our first stop. The stop was supposed to be the Region 4 WI/IL photo tag. But correct name, wrong location. We road over to Sauk City via the freeway since the radar looked like we were going to get poured on. The wind was nasty, but good training for me since I haven't road 2 up in that type of wind. We got to the place and I noticed right off that it just didn't look right. But, we did this run for food, so in we went for some breakfast. And good food it was. While there we find out that they also have another place in Cambria. So off we go. The weather was getting better, not quite so windy and the sun was trying to come out. So, we get there and have some pie. Cambria reminds me of up north. Small town, but nice people. So the tags were done and off to home we headed. So it was a nice long day on the bike.

Tomorrow should be more of the same. The Brew City Thunderbike guys are heading up to Road America for the motorcycle races. Should be a fun day.

Then on Sunday is the Slimey Crud Run. I'll be riding again with the Brew City Thunderbike guys.

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