Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buell Photo

208 pounds....

Yup, the scale doesn't lie. I need to get back on the pedal bike, but the motor bike is so much fun at this point.

2008.10.11 026

The other cool thing is that I'm signed up for the Bystander Assistance Program, "A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist" on Saturday. The purpose of the Bystander Assistance Programs are to enhance the survival rate and reduce severity of injuries for the injured riders of all motorized vehicles. We expect to decrease the chance of rescuer injury due to inappropriate actions at the accident scene. We also expect to educate motorists how to protect themselves legally and financially should an accident occur. Yeah, I know, sounds like the sales pitch, it is. I just cut and pasted it. Check these guys out here.


d.p. said...

Dang you got some purdy bikes!

Hup Hup buttercup - T.I. updates

Rob said...

Nice set of wheels

Travis said...

Where's the bikerack fit?

SquidBuzz said...

Rob: Thanks.

Travis: Hopefully Johnny Rack will make a rack for the Buell. If so, I'm buying one.