Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still here, but not posting much

196 pounds....

The weight is coming off nicely. I hopefully will be able to keep this up.

Didn't make it to Road America this weekend for the Superbikes. I and the wife were bailing and vacuuming water out of the basement. I told the landlord last fall that the sump pump wasn't working. He waited until water was pouring in the basement before deciding to replace it. Sort of a pain in the butt for us.

Been following Graeme Street's prerace week for training. It's kinda nice to get back to some formal training. I will need to keep this schedule up.

This weekend is the Horribly Hilly Hundreds. At this point I will be doing it on a road bike. I had thought about using the mountain bike, but I'm still mad at it after the last 12 hour race, so it will just sit in the garage for now. I've been thinking about piecing some of the old Epic onto the SWorks to see if I can get a better feeling bike in the end. I'm still tossing thoughts around on that one.

Otherwise, I'll try and finish getting pictures uploaded to Flickr and get another post or two here before the ride on Saturday. If nothing else, I'll do Utterz updates on Saturday for you. I will be getting up way early to drive over there the morning of.

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Travis said...

HE LIVES......was starting to get a little worried.

Sucks about the basement thing, the wife and I had that a couple years back. Went away for a long weekend and came home to a basement five inches deep in water and a blown up hot water heater as a waterfall.

Good luck this weekend