Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paragon is READY!

215 pounds....

I'm working on the weight. I let it go WAY too far this year and now I'm paying for it. I have started my 2 hour spin classes, so that will help some. And today I got on the trainer for 45 minutes to start shocking the body even more. Now I will have to work on what I'm eating and when.

Collin down at Cyclesmith dropped me an email yesterday early afternoon stating:

Hey whats up. I just wanted to let you know that I grabbed $3000 and put it under your account here at the shop I am starting to get the Paragon decked out and measured. The date on the frames is the 25th now. I missed out on 6 of the Fargos that they got in. They were there for 5 minutes and I missed them by seconds. As far as the wife's bike goes I think I'm going to hold for another week and let it get a little nicer out. So far you have $3205 in the shop. Let me know when you want to get the Paragon ready.

WOW and BUMMER all rolled into one. The Paragon is getting worked on and damn, the Fargo is still just out of reach.

Then later he sent me this:

Hey I got the Paragon all done. It looks awesome. You will like it. Let me know when you can stop in and check it out and finish it up.

DONE! That guy is awesome. If he were a chick I'd kiss him. Hell, I might just kiss him anyway. =)

So now, here I sit in the middle of a huge snow storm. Trying to decide if I should brave the weather to pick up the new bike. hhhmm.....

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